Clinic Hospital Sector

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Clinic Hospital Sector

For nearly 15 years, Avistel has put its expertise at the service of hospitals, with simple products and durable solutions.

Avistel is a true partner by your side, to define and implement, together, the best entertainment solutions for your patients.

From touch pads to the latest generation multimedia services, Avistel analyses your needs and advises you, finances and installs your solution, and performs maintenance throughout the contract.

Patient entertainment

For the patient, the visitors and the family,  we offer a complete range of televisions with refined design including local channels or your specific TV bundles.

A remote control designed by Avistel and specific to the hospital environment, simple to use, flat and easy to clean thanks to its antibacterial coating.

Patient care

A range of professional screens and touch pads dedicated to medical teams provides quick access to patients' medical records


Patient well-being


Our high quality Android 10" touch pads (Samsung) offer well-being, interactivity and entertainment for your patients.

TV, Radio, Internet, Games, social networks... on a single interactive medium.

Services offered according to the pathologies, age and sex of your patients.

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