• Storage & Delivery.

  • Installation.

  • Maintenance.

Storage and Delivery

In the event that the deployment project is postponed, we are able to offer you the storage of equipment before it is made available again, in a specific "customer" secure stock.

We also offer the delivery of the equipment made available, directly on site.

To reduce on-site deployment times, we prepare all equipment in our workshops.

Finally, in addition to saving time, this mandatory operation provides you with a qualitative guarantee thanks to the various tests carried out on all our products.

Installation and Maintenance

We rely on our internal technical teams to carry out the installation operations.

Two types of services are offered:

  • Installation of servers, network headers and architecture elements.

  • Installation of equipment in rooms.

Depending on your organization, you may benefit from maintenance services performed by a specialized technical team. Several packages will be proposed to you:

  • Maintenance of the equipment installed in the rooms

  • Screens, Tablets

  • Maintenance of Avistel software

  • Server software, GTVX

  • Maintenance of equipment related to the reception of tv streams

  • network headers, active and passive elements