• Billing of subscriptions.

  • Account, room and user management.

  • Sales statistics.

  • Payment terminals.

GTVX Software Solution

Management software for patient television contracts Management and billing of television subscriptions

TVX is a taxation solution developed entirely by Avistel.

A simple and intuitive interface specifically designed for healthcare organizations.

It offers the possibility to manage the billing of TV subscriptions, user accounts, obtain sales statistics.

Transfers, extensions, contract and carry-over changes, credits, refunds, room reservations, are all possibilities offered by GTVX software.

Interactive Voice Server

Simplified taxation at the service of local authorities

An interactive voice server is a system allowing users to extract data and perform specific tasks through a fixed telephone inside the establishment.

Voice servers use DTMF codes generated by phone keys to enable user interaction.

The services therefore offer numbered choices, simply type the number on your keyboard to obtain the desired service.

100% secure mobile payment

With Avistel and its Mobip service

Thanks to Avistel and its Mobip service you can now pay for television subscriptions, wifi, order products from the shop - cafeteria, concierge services... from any connected device (smartphone, PC, touch terminal located at the point of sale...).

By connecting to the secure site and having a valid credit card number, the patient directly from his room, family or friends from home, can proceed to the payment of a multitude of services easily.

Payment by credit card is 100% secure.

Most complementary mutuals cover all or part of the costs related to comfort (television - internet).