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Who We Are

AVISTEL is a French company specialized in electronics and IT dedicated to local authorities. AVISTEL acts on several sectors such as health, oil platforms, outdoor hotels, prisons or corporate. Our presence on the French market for almost 15 years has enabled it to acquire real expertise in the High Tech field. Today, more than 80,000 multimedia screens are connected to AVISTEL equipment.

Our production of at least 12000 screens per year, is exclusively intended for local authorities. Unlike "consumer" products, AVISTEL products retain their characteristics and compatibility over a long cycle. This sectorised industrial approach is the label of AVISTEL's commitment over time, facilitating the daily work of the operator.

For 15 years, AVISTEL's commitment to long-term results has enabled it to satisfy its customers thanks to the support provided in the event of changes in standards.

Our Technical Partners